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Meet our volunteers

MickeyMickey has collected and helped to ship second hand clothing and school supplies from Hong Kong.  He is a registered nurse and has also helped to keep us all healthy on our visits to Ghana as well as helped out with some medical advice for our KNEF students and the local community as another service to help them succeed.

Heike  has also been to Ghana.  She has collected second hand clothes and school supplies and has taken most of the pictures you see on our website.  She is also interested in helping with fundraising projects.

Jarobi2Jarobi has worked with us in Ghana as our Coordinator and on-the-ground contact.  He is also a teacher at one of the schools where KNEF sponsors students.

Cherry Lin2





Cherry Lin Has helped with marketing and translation for our donation collections in Hong Kong.

May Pearson2





May Pearson has orgainized several donations for KNEF over the past six years.

Corrie has worked from Canada to collect educational materials including hundreds of childrens books along with second hand bicycles for our KNEF students who need to travel longer distances to come to school. 

Darlene has been instrumental in our fundraising efforts.

Many others have given both time and energy in Canada, Hong Kong and Ghana.  This is just a sample of some of the good things our volunteers are doing.  If you are interested in donating your skills and efforts please feel free to contact KNEF through email or by post.