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KNEF’s founding date- 2001/08/01

KNEF’s main activities

KNEF focuses on providing scholarships and bursaries to both students who demonstrate sheer academic brilliance and students who are both bright but needy and those that are simply overburdened by the weight of poverty or other misfortunes. We supplement our scholarships and bursaries with educational supplies to students, families and schools in order to better support education in the Techiman Municipality and Techiman North District of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.  Our scholarship, bursary and educational supplies programs have been funding children’s school fees and children’s learning resources since 2007.

In effect, we work to empower and motivate children to recognize and pursue their potentials in life through education.

KNEF also consults the community to work towards finding alternative solutions that help bring positive results in the community.


Creating a society where students can pass on the benefits of education to their communities and make an enormous, far-reaching difference. K. Nyame Educational Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of less fortunate children in Ghana and the entire African continent through education. We focus on empowerment, mentorship, human development, educating and preparing children for their future endeavours.


To enhance literacy rates and help today’s children prepare themselves to achieve life-long economic well being by providing them with socio-economic support for their education and academic excellence, particularly to those that are underprivileged.


(Charles Gyan and the Queen Mother of Offuman, Nana Amobea III)

KNEF is focused on ensuring that underprivileged children also have the means to attend secondary school, which is not government funded in Ghana. We strive to help those who are most in need and who have a desire to learn. In this way, our ongoing projects also help increase educational standards, educational attainment, and academic excellence in the community.

KNEF’s Management Structure:

Meetings are held every second year in Ghana with members from KNEF and the leaders and general members of the Offuman community.  These are public meetings and are popularly attended.  Here, discussions are held regarding the progress and direction of KNEF.  Attendance of board members is optional but encouraged.  The president is always in attendance.

During and after the meetings with the community, our board members discuss the feasibility of potential projects that are suggested, and try to work with the community to address the needs identified. This is accomplished through the establishment of committees and task groups for specific issues, organizing volunteers, and pursuing fundraising initiatives.

Volunteers are assigned varying degrees of responsibility for tasks, and may take on a management function under the supervision of a board member.


The Team

President/CEO – Charles Kwasi Gyan

  • Trained Paralegal
  • BA-International Development

Vice President – Cherie Sexsmith

  • Children’s books illustrator / ESL Teacher (Hong Kong)

Board of Directors and Founding Members

Prof. Nicholas Bastine

  • Professor of Legal Studies York University

Alex Bediako

  • Registered Nurse

Mickey Lee (Lee Wai Kit)

Christine Sexsmith

Art Robertson

Heike Ohlmeyer